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About me:

Here is a brief – thumb-nail biographical sketch for those who want to know a little more about who i am and where i am coming from:

i am . . .

~ a poet, a preacher, a prophet, a fool and a wiseman: changed and transformed by the great grace of GOD. Once an exceeding sinner lost, now: a saint, again: BY THE PRECIOUS GRACE & ELECTION OF GOD, Who Alone works miracles within: saved by His Blood, mercy, and grace.

i am imperfection in transition; serious in disposition. BLEST to know The One Who Loves all and Who (alone) redeems the world.

of the few, yet the many; He both called and He sent me:

TO JESUS, my Saviour, I owe my everything, … my life, my allegiance, my all in all: for


*worship thou Him.


Shalom and God bless.

bro.Len Hummel

Clearlight Christian Ministries

“Light, Love, and TRUTH…IN JESUS.”

* Jeremiah 9:23-26 *

* Philippians 1:6, & 9-11 *

My Heroes:

The Apostle Paul. King David. Elijah. Isaiah. Daniel. … Amy Carmichael. Eric Liddell. Hudson Taylor. David Wilkerson. Len Ravenhill. Michael L. Brown.  Dr.A.W.Tozer. Philip Yancey. Keith Green. Steve Green. Dave Hunt. Randy Alcorn.

Lynne, my wife and best friend.


Don Krow.  Dr.Adrian Rogers. Chuck Swindoll. Joni Erickson-Tada. … and ALL HUMANITARIAN, THINKING, CARING CHRISTIANS. ALL people changing the world for the better: morally, spiritually, and physically. … and *all the unsung heroes who work (without celebrity and with very little praise)* to better humanity and FOR The Lord Jesus Christ, our King and Redeemer.*

ULTIMATE HERO (of course): JESUS, our Champion of champions: The King of all kings, The Lord of Love, Wisdom & Truthe !

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