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July 14, 2017

14) The many, many centuries-long error (and a truly serious error and sin it is in the sight of GOD) of *the making and use of religious image attempting to “depict God” in any form made by human hands. This includes the various forms of “the idols of the heart”,* such as family-idolatry, sports and entertainments as an idol, self-idolatry (sometimes referred to as “narcissism”) money and power, – all these as idols of the heart and snares to the soul.

Here is the essence of the problem: IDOLATRY CORRUPTS

What are the simple facts regarding the controversy surrounding the Bible, religious icons and idolatry?

Actually, there should be no controversy at all if one (truly) accepts the clear biblical concept regarding the making and use of religious images attempting to depict or represent Deity:
The Bible clearly commands that we are NOT to make
(create or fashion with our hands) ANY religious images that
represent (and consequently distorts, and often severely distorts) the Infinite Eternal Majesty and Glory, the transcendent holiness and OMNIPRESENCE of GOD.

Take, for instance, the exhortation in Acts 17:29:

“Since we are God’s children we ought not to suppose that Deity is like gold or silver or stone or ANY representation by human art or craft or imagination or anything constructed or invented by man.”
– here quoted from The Amplified Version of the Bible,
illuminating the original Greek and Hebrew

Then there are these important scriptures which EVERY serious Bible student should be aware of:

* Deuteronomy 4:15,16,23; 7:26; 8:6; 16:22; 27:15.
* Leviticus 26:1. * Isa.40:18-25; 44:9-20; 46:5-7.

* Psalm 115:3-8. Psalm 135:15-18.
* Jeremiah 10:14,15; 16:10-21.
* Acts 15:19; 17:24.
* I Cor.6:9,10; 10:14.
* Galatians 5:19-21. I John 5:21.

and many others I could cite. Please take time to look them up and see for yourself.

The Encyclopedia Britannica describes Marcus Terentius Varro (116-27 B.C.) as “Rome’s greatest scholar.”  He wrote more than 600 books on many subjects. Among his insightful writings is found this statement:

 “They who first introduced images of the gods removed fear {true reverence} and added error.”

This is most certainly a correct observation and helps us understand why Moses clearly reminded the children of Israel at Mount Sinai, “You saw no form (or image) when the Lord spoke to you at Horeb out
of the midst of the fire.” (Dt.4:15). It also underscores the reason behind God’s definite command prohibiting ANY physical representations of Him. – It is an automatic distortion of His infinite glory and eternal Godhead.

Q: Would the Jews (who know more about the biblical concept of idolatry than any other people on earth) consider the Sto.Nino and other traditional practices that center around religious images and icons to be
a form of idolatry?

I know for A FACT that they consider it idolatry. And it is based entirely upon their knowledge of the commandments of GOD. – Something to think about the next time you see someone kneeling before, waving to, speaking to, lighting candles to, or offering flowers, food, etc. to religious images.


 Something even MORE important to contemplate when
considering this issue: The Bible clearly says that there are many curses of corruption and incompetence associated with
the indulgence of idolatry in any of its forms. In fact, a nation that REFUSES to repent of its idolatry is under God’s curse unless or until it TURNS from such practices which the Bible so clearly forbids. (And the Bible and GOD’s commandments, I would remind you, are irrevocable and far more powerful than Man or any of his religious traditions or excuses.)


 ~ All this is DEFINITELY something worth thinking and praying about
carefully. Please read the scriptures for the benefit of your own understanding.

Respectfully and prayerfully,
Len Hummel
Clearlight Christian Ministries


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