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July 14, 2017
Do *you* love Truth ? Jesus said we should definitely be “lovers of Truth,” “lovers of GOD and the brethren.”

Here is a brief summary of some MAJOR Truths that we should embrace and receive, … even if it means discarding some UNtruths that we have been taught by way of religion or tradition.

We will begin with spiritual, BIBLICAL Truth, … and then deal also with the various lies that have been taught about politics and nationalism that often blinds us to Truth.

These are the things that “the elite” and the “status quo” does NOT want you to know OR understand. Let us begin with

1) GOD IS HOLY and requires His people in HIS Kingdom to be holy and set-apart unto Him. NOT worldly, NOT sinful, NOT merely “religious,” but TRANSFORMED by the Power of the Holy Spirit and learning constantly to be led by the HOLY Spirit in all you think, say, do, and desire. – THIS is what it means to be a Spirit-born Christian or follower of Jesus/Yeshuah the Messiah and Lord.

2) The Name, ‘Jesus’, is NOT the actual Name given and vocalized by Gabriel as the Name THE FATHER gave to His Son, the Messiah. GOD still honors and has always honored the mis-transliteration of His Son’s Name as “Jesus,” but He is also restoring THE ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE OF HIS NAME from the correct, vocalized Hebrew: namely, “Yeshuah, Yahshuah, YahOshuah, or Yahushuah.” – all these slight variations of the biblical names, “Jeshua,” or “Joshua” mean exactly the same: “YahOvah Savior.” “YahOvah Saves.” * See John 17:6,11-12,26.

3) Did you know that generic terms such as “Lord,” “God,” “Father,” and “Hashem,” are NOT an actual Name or Identity at all ? Did you know that GOD {YHVH} ACTUALLY AND TRULY DOES have a Personal Name *that belongs ONLY to Him.” ?

Here it is (with links to further research for those who are interested) … His Name: Yahu-ah YahOvah-Yah ahvah. – The meaning from the Hebrew is essentially this: “The Eternal Supreme Being and Father/Creator of Divine Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Righteousness.”

By the way, this is *not* “three names.” It is the fullness of His Primary Name, the same as my full and primary name/identity is written or vocalized as, “Leonard Charles Hummel.”

GOD {or more accurately written and vocalized as, “G-ah-d”} also has many attribute-additive names such as:

YahOvah-Shalom. Eternal Peace.

YahOvah-Rapha. Eternal Healer.

YahOvah-YIrah. Eternal Provider.

YahOvah-Tzidkenu. Eternal Righteousness., etc.

Links for further research on this:

these “Major Summaries of Truth” will include at least 20 or 30 basic summaries. It is written ONLY for those who LOVE Truth *above traditions or lies or half-truths or untruths.* More will be forthcoming in the next few days and weeks, LORD willing.

Shalom to all and you are exhorted to walk in Truth and Love, – for THIS describes the very essence of G-ah-d Himself, THE LORD GOD YahOvah-Yah ahvah.


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