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MORE TRUTH SUMMARIES…(continued) . . .

July 14, 2017
MORE TRUTH SUMMARIES…(continued) . . .

13) We, as elders, pastors, watchmen, and the people of GOD, must expose AND DEAL WITH the satanic/demonic strongholds of the Nicolaitan spirit and the spirit of Jezebel, – which are two demonic spirits and influences that are absolutely *rampant* in churches, homes, and throughout the world. These two spirits were clearly warned about BY JESUS in Revelation 2:6, 15, and 20-26.

The Jezebel spirit is a spirit of rebellion, witchcraft, manipulation, and usurping and undermining eldership and male-leadership. It is a spirit which inhabits the soul of women that have serious issues with men, elders, father-figures, and leadership.
The Nicolaitan spirit is mostly found among men, “pastors,” and men in areas of leadership and authority. It is a dominating spirit “that tends to lord it over GOD’s flock.”
Here is a summary essay I put together on these problems several years ago: it is found here:

A BRIEF SUMMARY of the reality & operations of the evil jezebel spirit

that inhabits many “feminist” women today . . .

The jezebel spirit is one of the worst spirits that inhabits souls. and it inhabits females that have resentments and serious problems with male authority & leadership.

men can [and do] have different problems [and similiar strongholds] that relate to being “dominating or over-controlling.” it is *not* the jezebel spirit that takes up residence in men; jezebel operates through highly self-assertive girls/women with “serious issues” in their past with men or boyfriends. and the spirit of jezebel *always* disguises itself  as being “very spiritual” and “discerning” and “strong to criticize and even oppose” those with a truly prophetic anointing.

wherever you find a real degree of the Elijah-anointing upon a prophetic ministry, there will *always* be jezebel there to seek to undermine (and yes: oppose it) in some way or another. it’s real. it’s reality. – whether the vast majority of people see it (or deal with it) or not.

someone with the jezebel-spirit operating in their soulish realm/persona or personality can get set free, … but when it is deeply entrenched & fully “justified” within: it usually remains unacknowledged and there is no repentance or deliverance. … I sincerely hope that is not the case with the few here on this forum that have it deeply entrenched.

and btw, the sexual “seductions” attributed to the jezebel spirit is only *one aspect* of that principality. the rebellious nature and the pride & manipulations & resentments are the more dangerous and subtle aspects of its operations.

This also for further clarification:

1) THE VERY REAL spirit of jezebel attacks and takes up residence in females; particularly those who have been abused by boys and men in their past. the open door is resentment and rebellion. and “feminism” is just another secular and intellectual open door to the same spirit of witchcraft & rebellion.

2) many women today have had a past influence with wicca and witchcraft: this also is a MAJOR open door to the spirit of jezebel.

3) the spirit of jezebel is ALLOWED to operate both hidden & openly by the spirit of ahab among HUGE numbers of men. pastors, husbands, and elders in particular.

4) jezebel/Bel/Baal will {unchecked} (eventually) emasculate every male that is subjected to it.

5) godly men are clearly defined in the bible: read it and abide in that truth.

6) the twin principality of jezebel/ahab is responsible for the destruction of relationships and Divine Order in marriages, families, local churches and society in general. it is absolutely EVIL to the core. if you do not see it: you are blinded.

7) those who oppose exposing the jezebel spirit the most [much less confronting it & dealing with it] are almost always those most deceived by satan on the issue. one of the main ways the spirit of jezebel operates is to point an accusing finger at the person who teaches on it or exposes it, and this is in order to divert from the REAL issues of how very very bad and wicked & rebellions & proud that spirit is and how pervasive it now is throughout all the world.

 I recommend everyone do a serious study of this subject. 

If you want to “bring up” “how awful and ungodly men” can be. fine. start a separate thread and define all the weaknesses and wicked, brutal ways of unregenerate and/or ungodly men.

a godly woman (and I happen to be married to one) is a great blessing and source of love & beauty.

a godly man walks with Christ as His Leader and Authority and Chief Love. – his wife & children are secondary to this Divine Order which causes everything else to be blest and in proper relationship TO GOD & HIS KINGDOM.

 jezebel is birthed out of resentments and rebellion. once it takes up residence in the soul & personality a woman or girl: it must be renounced, repented of and cast out. – but none of that will *ever* happen if it is not exposed and dealt with on a spiritual and biblical level

Here is the biblical DIVINE ORDER according to GOD’s designated

roles and authority:



The man, husband, elder, pastor

The woman, wife, mother, sister

The children.

each submitted and honoring GOD-given authority and leadership.

any “other order” or way that defiles or defies this Divine Order is of the evil one. … and the evil one (and his consort) is running rampant in the world today. FAR MORE than most people have ever seen or discerned or concerned themselves with.

Please keep these truths in prayer and in your awareness. jezebel is a spirit & principality that is very widespread in churches and in all the world today.

These are VITAL issues of GOD’S GOVERNMENT, – particularly HIS DESIGNATED Government and they must not be ignored or overlooked.

links for further study:
157.8 in reply to 157.1

157.8 in reply to 157.1


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