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July 14, 2017

Oneness, Threeness, and The Mystery of G-ah-d”s Being: ETERNAL and INFINITE. The MInd, The Thought, The WORD and The Spirit, – YahOvah-Shammah.

GOD{YHVH} IS ONE and Three in a Perfect Tri-Unity:

THE FATHER Is The Head of The Godhead.

THE SON Is The Eternal Word in perfect submission to The Will of THE FATHER. and

THE HOLY SPIRIT Is The Power and Presence of GOD throughout all of Creation: Heaven and the earth and all the universe.

Do not fight or cause division over imperfect understanding of The Mystery of GOD’S BEING.  It is enough that THE FATHER IS SUPREME over all, and the Son and the Holy Spirit are in perfect agreement and One with His Will & Purposes.

5) Do no harm or damage to any person’s blood/life. Do no harm and do NOT eat the blood/life of any animal. It is forbidden by the commandment of GOD.  For know that the life, – the DNA the essence is in the blood, and GOD has forbidden any of His people to eat or consume the blood of any person OR animal.

* scriptures: Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 17:12,14; 19:26;

Deuteronomy 12:16,23-25; 15:23; 1 Samuel 14:33-34;

Acts 15:19,20,28-29; 21-25.

Truth Summary #6) Do not allow the pagan traditions of men and religious organizations to displace the clear Truth of GOD’s Word and the holy days of YahOvah-G-ah-d.

Understand , for instance, that the pagan name, “Saturday/Saturn-day” has always been the 7th Day of Sabbath-rest: a day separated unto the LORD, and that it has been replaced (wrongfully) by the Roman Empire Religion of Papal Catholicism by Sun-day {which is actually the 1st Day of the week.}

Here is an excellent youtube playlist link that explains all of this historically and biblically:

We should also understand that Ishtar/Easter is an adopted pagan date that the RCC replaced Passover with in their Julian Solar Calendar. Jesus was clearly and unmistakably crucified during the Jewish Passover. – and the actual Passover is rarely on the same date as the Ishtar/Easter holiday having its origins with the Roman Empire Religion.

More Truth (if you desire Truth) can be found here at these links:

All this is a matter of restored knowledge and the blessings of obedience among those who are grafted in to the Covenants and Promises of Abraham THROUGH CHRIST. It is not a matter of salvation; it is a matter of THE BLESSING of obedience to the whole counsel of GOD’S Word.

7) The Bible must be “rightly divided/discerned/understood BY THE SPIRIT,” – otherwise you only have dead dogma, dead doctrine, confusion and divisions, *not* Light, unity, and understanding.

There must be agreement on the essentials of the Gospel, Salvation, right Theology, and Moral Truth and godly behavior {sanctification}.

Faith without fruit (or the works of the Holy Spirit) is dead, if it is alone. – James is very clear on this.

GOD the Holy Spirit gives us grace and enabling to live in newness of Life and to be led by the Holy Spirit. *
2 Corinthians 5:17-21 *

8) It is important to realize also that without Agape/Divine Love (manifest in the inner-transformed-life, – in the human spirit and soul), without Messiah and the Ruahch hah-chOdesh {The Holy Spirit} within and the fruit thereof, – without THAT you are nothing, no matter how much you may be outwardly religious . * See 1 Corinthians 13 for clear confirmation of this. and also again:
2 Corinthians 5:17-21. – these scriptures are very very clear.

9) “let no man (or religion or denomination or organization) deceive you from the simplicity that is in IN CHRIST/Messiah Yeshuah.”
 {2 Cor.11:3}
For the Truth is, essential biblical Truth and Morality {that is, right relationships to GOD and others} is, in actuality, wonderfully and astonishingly clear and simple:
The Two Great Commandments.
The Decalogue {The Ten Commandments}
The Sermon on the Mount {Matthew 5, 6, & 7}
Therefore, Trust AND Obey.

10) Truth regarding the essence and meaning of “Church” and the earthly-heavenly Body of Christ/Messiah as a Divine Family who’s Head Is Yeshuah, – The Living Word of G-ah-d.

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