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This is a quick and important reminder that LIFE IS AN ENORMOUS LABORATORY OF THE SPIRIT & SOUL.
THE MAIN TESTS are MORAL choices in relation to these:
* religion. Truth. politics. * use of finances. * family. relationships. * GOD’S Government and designated authority. including elders in the Body and Kingdom. * sexual choices. …..
* WHETHER YOU SEEK TO KNOW AND HONOR THE MORAL COMMANDMENTS OF GOD/Yah/Yahweh, THE ETERNAL ONE. {to Whom everyone must give an accounting}.
your choices directly effect your soul, your character, your fruit, … and your destiny: Heaven, … or hell. and it’s not a game, – not a game at all. … IT’S REALITY.



14) The many, many centuries-long error (and a truly serious error and sin it is in the sight of GOD) of *the making and use of religious image attempting to “depict God” in any form made by human hands. This includes the various forms of “the idols of the heart”,* such as family-idolatry, sports and entertainments as an idol, self-idolatry (sometimes referred to as “narcissism”) money and power, – all these as idols of the heart and snares to the soul.

Here is the essence of the problem: IDOLATRY CORRUPTS

What are the simple facts regarding the controversy surrounding the Bible, religious icons and idolatry?

Actually, there should be no controversy at all if one (truly) accepts the clear biblical concept regarding the making and use of religious images attempting to depict or represent Deity:
The Bible clearly commands that we are NOT to make
(create or fashion with our hands) ANY religious images that
represent (and consequently distorts, and often severely distorts) the Infinite Eternal Majesty and Glory, the transcendent holiness and OMNIPRESENCE of GOD.

Take, for instance, the exhortation in Acts 17:29:

“Since we are God’s children we ought not to suppose that Deity is like gold or silver or stone or ANY representation by human art or craft or imagination or anything constructed or invented by man.”
– here quoted from The Amplified Version of the Bible,
illuminating the original Greek and Hebrew

Then there are these important scriptures which EVERY serious Bible student should be aware of:

* Deuteronomy 4:15,16,23; 7:26; 8:6; 16:22; 27:15.
* Leviticus 26:1. * Isa.40:18-25; 44:9-20; 46:5-7.

* Psalm 115:3-8. Psalm 135:15-18.
* Jeremiah 10:14,15; 16:10-21.
* Acts 15:19; 17:24.
* I Cor.6:9,10; 10:14.
* Galatians 5:19-21. I John 5:21.

and many others I could cite. Please take time to look them up and see for yourself.

The Encyclopedia Britannica describes Marcus Terentius Varro (116-27 B.C.) as “Rome’s greatest scholar.”  He wrote more than 600 books on many subjects. Among his insightful writings is found this statement:

 “They who first introduced images of the gods removed fear {true reverence} and added error.”

This is most certainly a correct observation and helps us understand why Moses clearly reminded the children of Israel at Mount Sinai, “You saw no form (or image) when the Lord spoke to you at Horeb out
of the midst of the fire.” (Dt.4:15). It also underscores the reason behind God’s definite command prohibiting ANY physical representations of Him. – It is an automatic distortion of His infinite glory and eternal Godhead.

Q: Would the Jews (who know more about the biblical concept of idolatry than any other people on earth) consider the Sto.Nino and other traditional practices that center around religious images and icons to be
a form of idolatry?

I know for A FACT that they consider it idolatry. And it is based entirely upon their knowledge of the commandments of GOD. – Something to think about the next time you see someone kneeling before, waving to, speaking to, lighting candles to, or offering flowers, food, etc. to religious images.


 Something even MORE important to contemplate when
considering this issue: The Bible clearly says that there are many curses of corruption and incompetence associated with
the indulgence of idolatry in any of its forms. In fact, a nation that REFUSES to repent of its idolatry is under God’s curse unless or until it TURNS from such practices which the Bible so clearly forbids. (And the Bible and GOD’s commandments, I would remind you, are irrevocable and far more powerful than Man or any of his religious traditions or excuses.)


 ~ All this is DEFINITELY something worth thinking and praying about
carefully. Please read the scriptures for the benefit of your own understanding.

Respectfully and prayerfully,
Len Hummel
Clearlight Christian Ministries

MORE TRUTH SUMMARIES…(continued) . . .

MORE TRUTH SUMMARIES…(continued) . . .

13) We, as elders, pastors, watchmen, and the people of GOD, must expose AND DEAL WITH the satanic/demonic strongholds of the Nicolaitan spirit and the spirit of Jezebel, – which are two demonic spirits and influences that are absolutely *rampant* in churches, homes, and throughout the world. These two spirits were clearly warned about BY JESUS in Revelation 2:6, 15, and 20-26.

The Jezebel spirit is a spirit of rebellion, witchcraft, manipulation, and usurping and undermining eldership and male-leadership. It is a spirit which inhabits the soul of women that have serious issues with men, elders, father-figures, and leadership.
The Nicolaitan spirit is mostly found among men, “pastors,” and men in areas of leadership and authority. It is a dominating spirit “that tends to lord it over GOD’s flock.”
Here is a summary essay I put together on these problems several years ago: it is found here:

A BRIEF SUMMARY of the reality & operations of the evil jezebel spirit

that inhabits many “feminist” women today . . .

The jezebel spirit is one of the worst spirits that inhabits souls. and it inhabits females that have resentments and serious problems with male authority & leadership.

men can [and do] have different problems [and similiar strongholds] that relate to being “dominating or over-controlling.” it is *not* the jezebel spirit that takes up residence in men; jezebel operates through highly self-assertive girls/women with “serious issues” in their past with men or boyfriends. and the spirit of jezebel *always* disguises itself  as being “very spiritual” and “discerning” and “strong to criticize and even oppose” those with a truly prophetic anointing.

wherever you find a real degree of the Elijah-anointing upon a prophetic ministry, there will *always* be jezebel there to seek to undermine (and yes: oppose it) in some way or another. it’s real. it’s reality. – whether the vast majority of people see it (or deal with it) or not.

someone with the jezebel-spirit operating in their soulish realm/persona or personality can get set free, … but when it is deeply entrenched & fully “justified” within: it usually remains unacknowledged and there is no repentance or deliverance. … I sincerely hope that is not the case with the few here on this forum that have it deeply entrenched.

and btw, the sexual “seductions” attributed to the jezebel spirit is only *one aspect* of that principality. the rebellious nature and the pride & manipulations & resentments are the more dangerous and subtle aspects of its operations.

This also for further clarification:

1) THE VERY REAL spirit of jezebel attacks and takes up residence in females; particularly those who have been abused by boys and men in their past. the open door is resentment and rebellion. and “feminism” is just another secular and intellectual open door to the same spirit of witchcraft & rebellion.

2) many women today have had a past influence with wicca and witchcraft: this also is a MAJOR open door to the spirit of jezebel.

3) the spirit of jezebel is ALLOWED to operate both hidden & openly by the spirit of ahab among HUGE numbers of men. pastors, husbands, and elders in particular.

4) jezebel/Bel/Baal will {unchecked} (eventually) emasculate every male that is subjected to it.

5) godly men are clearly defined in the bible: read it and abide in that truth.

6) the twin principality of jezebel/ahab is responsible for the destruction of relationships and Divine Order in marriages, families, local churches and society in general. it is absolutely EVIL to the core. if you do not see it: you are blinded.

7) those who oppose exposing the jezebel spirit the most [much less confronting it & dealing with it] are almost always those most deceived by satan on the issue. one of the main ways the spirit of jezebel operates is to point an accusing finger at the person who teaches on it or exposes it, and this is in order to divert from the REAL issues of how very very bad and wicked & rebellions & proud that spirit is and how pervasive it now is throughout all the world.

 I recommend everyone do a serious study of this subject. 

If you want to “bring up” “how awful and ungodly men” can be. fine. start a separate thread and define all the weaknesses and wicked, brutal ways of unregenerate and/or ungodly men.

a godly woman (and I happen to be married to one) is a great blessing and source of love & beauty.

a godly man walks with Christ as His Leader and Authority and Chief Love. – his wife & children are secondary to this Divine Order which causes everything else to be blest and in proper relationship TO GOD & HIS KINGDOM.

 jezebel is birthed out of resentments and rebellion. once it takes up residence in the soul & personality a woman or girl: it must be renounced, repented of and cast out. – but none of that will *ever* happen if it is not exposed and dealt with on a spiritual and biblical level

Here is the biblical DIVINE ORDER according to GOD’s designated

roles and authority:



The man, husband, elder, pastor

The woman, wife, mother, sister

The children.

each submitted and honoring GOD-given authority and leadership.

any “other order” or way that defiles or defies this Divine Order is of the evil one. … and the evil one (and his consort) is running rampant in the world today. FAR MORE than most people have ever seen or discerned or concerned themselves with.

Please keep these truths in prayer and in your awareness. jezebel is a spirit & principality that is very widespread in churches and in all the world today.

These are VITAL issues of GOD’S GOVERNMENT, – particularly HIS DESIGNATED Government and they must not be ignored or overlooked.

links for further study:
157.8 in reply to 157.1

157.8 in reply to 157.1



11) It is wise and important to realize that all music that is inspired by GOD The Holy Spirit is for praise and worship to GOD and is always reverent, joyous and beautiful. True worship and praise is an offering unto GOD and should never be sold, merchandised, or “played for or to an audience.”

In the case of true worship, whether alone or in small groups or in a large audience: GOD IS ALWAYS THE SOLE AUDIENCE THAT IS SUNG TO. – it is important to remember that. True worship always honors GOD AND GOD ALONE and THIS brings GOD’s blessing and Presence in the midst of true, earnest praise & worship.
 Ask GOD earnestly and sincerely to give you needed discernment regarding *the spirit* behind all kinds of music and the lyrics as well. Music and lyrics are a definite means of communicating to the soul and the spirit of men and women, boys and girls. Be very wise, discerning, AND CAREFUL what kind of music you listen to because the world (and even churches) today are full of carnal (and even demonic “music.”) ! – this is not an exaggeration.
Were It Not for Grace…  (4:30)
12) This next Truth certainly comes as a bit of a shock to most people today but it must be said FOR THE SAKE OF TRUTH anyway: we should *never* merchandise ministry, praise, worship, the Gospel, *or* merchandise the people of GOD. period. – The scriptures, – both by precept and example back this statement 100%. It is simply undeniable. {Please see scriptures listed below}
All ministry should be supported by freewill offerings, not via profits or fees or tickets or selling or worldly means that are NOT of faith.
If your ministry, for instance, offers Bibles, literature, CD’s, DVD’s, praise, worship, or whatever is ministry, – you may inform people what it costs you to get it into their hands, but do not add-on percentage of profit that is above and beyond actual cost. Please hear me on this. – this is a major, MAJOR area of deception and an open door that truly and definitely diminishes GOD’S anointing and blessing upon ministry.
Instead of putting a price on ministry for profit, you simply inform that people that “If you want a copy (one per person) please try to donate to at least enough to cover our cost of keeping these available, – anything given over and above that “cost price” is an offering to the ministry. We are determined to get this to you at whatever you can afford.” – AND THEN WATCH GOD bless, anoint, and prosper your ministry. Why? BECAUSE GOD HONORS FAITH, not “profit-making business.”
 “freely you have received, FREELY give…” – whatever happened to THAT principle ?

Here are definite scriptures that back this principle:

1 Corinthians 9:16-20 (NKJV)

17b I have been entrusted with a stewardship.

18 What is my reward then? That when I preach the gospel, I may present the gospel of Christ without charge, that I may not abuse my authority in the gospel.

and these very relevant scriptures also: fully document this truth:* 2Peter 2:2-3, and 15* Acts 5:1-11; 8:17-24 

* 1 Timothy 6:8-11 *
* Hebrews 2:4; and 10:38a.
* Jude, verse 11 *
* 2 Kings 5:20-27 *
* Matthew 10:8
* Revelation 22:6 and 17 * 

Please, PLEASE understand: books, literature, CDs, DVDs, and whatever amounts to actual MINISTRY and uplifting of Christ and the Gospel should be made available on the basis of THIS GUIDELINE and THIS sane and scriptural guideline ONLY:

* for free, – if it is known that the person cannot pay.

* AT COST. – including any shipping and handling.

* for a donation that at least covers cost.

No one should ever ever ever EVER be “charged” for praising and worshiping GOD, for hearing the Gospel, OR for discipleship teaching. … and please explain to me: if you are NOT “teaching to disciple someone” … then WHAT ARE you doing. ?

“freely you have received; freely give.”

“the just shall live BY FAITH.”



Oneness, Threeness, and The Mystery of G-ah-d”s Being: ETERNAL and INFINITE. The MInd, The Thought, The WORD and The Spirit, – YahOvah-Shammah.

GOD{YHVH} IS ONE and Three in a Perfect Tri-Unity:

THE FATHER Is The Head of The Godhead.

THE SON Is The Eternal Word in perfect submission to The Will of THE FATHER. and

THE HOLY SPIRIT Is The Power and Presence of GOD throughout all of Creation: Heaven and the earth and all the universe.

Do not fight or cause division over imperfect understanding of The Mystery of GOD’S BEING.  It is enough that THE FATHER IS SUPREME over all, and the Son and the Holy Spirit are in perfect agreement and One with His Will & Purposes.

5) Do no harm or damage to any person’s blood/life. Do no harm and do NOT eat the blood/life of any animal. It is forbidden by the commandment of GOD.  For know that the life, – the DNA the essence is in the blood, and GOD has forbidden any of His people to eat or consume the blood of any person OR animal.

* scriptures: Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 17:12,14; 19:26;

Deuteronomy 12:16,23-25; 15:23; 1 Samuel 14:33-34;

Acts 15:19,20,28-29; 21-25.

Truth Summary #6) Do not allow the pagan traditions of men and religious organizations to displace the clear Truth of GOD’s Word and the holy days of YahOvah-G-ah-d.

Understand , for instance, that the pagan name, “Saturday/Saturn-day” has always been the 7th Day of Sabbath-rest: a day separated unto the LORD, and that it has been replaced (wrongfully) by the Roman Empire Religion of Papal Catholicism by Sun-day {which is actually the 1st Day of the week.}

Here is an excellent youtube playlist link that explains all of this historically and biblically:

We should also understand that Ishtar/Easter is an adopted pagan date that the RCC replaced Passover with in their Julian Solar Calendar. Jesus was clearly and unmistakably crucified during the Jewish Passover. – and the actual Passover is rarely on the same date as the Ishtar/Easter holiday having its origins with the Roman Empire Religion.

More Truth (if you desire Truth) can be found here at these links:

All this is a matter of restored knowledge and the blessings of obedience among those who are grafted in to the Covenants and Promises of Abraham THROUGH CHRIST. It is not a matter of salvation; it is a matter of THE BLESSING of obedience to the whole counsel of GOD’S Word.

7) The Bible must be “rightly divided/discerned/understood BY THE SPIRIT,” – otherwise you only have dead dogma, dead doctrine, confusion and divisions, *not* Light, unity, and understanding.

There must be agreement on the essentials of the Gospel, Salvation, right Theology, and Moral Truth and godly behavior {sanctification}.

Faith without fruit (or the works of the Holy Spirit) is dead, if it is alone. – James is very clear on this.

GOD the Holy Spirit gives us grace and enabling to live in newness of Life and to be led by the Holy Spirit. *
2 Corinthians 5:17-21 *

8) It is important to realize also that without Agape/Divine Love (manifest in the inner-transformed-life, – in the human spirit and soul), without Messiah and the Ruahch hah-chOdesh {The Holy Spirit} within and the fruit thereof, – without THAT you are nothing, no matter how much you may be outwardly religious . * See 1 Corinthians 13 for clear confirmation of this. and also again:
2 Corinthians 5:17-21. – these scriptures are very very clear.

9) “let no man (or religion or denomination or organization) deceive you from the simplicity that is in IN CHRIST/Messiah Yeshuah.”
 {2 Cor.11:3}
For the Truth is, essential biblical Truth and Morality {that is, right relationships to GOD and others} is, in actuality, wonderfully and astonishingly clear and simple:
The Two Great Commandments.
The Decalogue {The Ten Commandments}
The Sermon on the Mount {Matthew 5, 6, & 7}
Therefore, Trust AND Obey.

10) Truth regarding the essence and meaning of “Church” and the earthly-heavenly Body of Christ/Messiah as a Divine Family who’s Head Is Yeshuah, – The Living Word of G-ah-d.


Do *you* love Truth ? Jesus said we should definitely be “lovers of Truth,” “lovers of GOD and the brethren.”

Here is a brief summary of some MAJOR Truths that we should embrace and receive, … even if it means discarding some UNtruths that we have been taught by way of religion or tradition.

We will begin with spiritual, BIBLICAL Truth, … and then deal also with the various lies that have been taught about politics and nationalism that often blinds us to Truth.

These are the things that “the elite” and the “status quo” does NOT want you to know OR understand. Let us begin with

1) GOD IS HOLY and requires His people in HIS Kingdom to be holy and set-apart unto Him. NOT worldly, NOT sinful, NOT merely “religious,” but TRANSFORMED by the Power of the Holy Spirit and learning constantly to be led by the HOLY Spirit in all you think, say, do, and desire. – THIS is what it means to be a Spirit-born Christian or follower of Jesus/Yeshuah the Messiah and Lord.

2) The Name, ‘Jesus’, is NOT the actual Name given and vocalized by Gabriel as the Name THE FATHER gave to His Son, the Messiah. GOD still honors and has always honored the mis-transliteration of His Son’s Name as “Jesus,” but He is also restoring THE ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE OF HIS NAME from the correct, vocalized Hebrew: namely, “Yeshuah, Yahshuah, YahOshuah, or Yahushuah.” – all these slight variations of the biblical names, “Jeshua,” or “Joshua” mean exactly the same: “YahOvah Savior.” “YahOvah Saves.” * See John 17:6,11-12,26.

3) Did you know that generic terms such as “Lord,” “God,” “Father,” and “Hashem,” are NOT an actual Name or Identity at all ? Did you know that GOD {YHVH} ACTUALLY AND TRULY DOES have a Personal Name *that belongs ONLY to Him.” ?

Here it is (with links to further research for those who are interested) … His Name: Yahu-ah YahOvah-Yah ahvah. – The meaning from the Hebrew is essentially this: “The Eternal Supreme Being and Father/Creator of Divine Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Righteousness.”

By the way, this is *not* “three names.” It is the fullness of His Primary Name, the same as my full and primary name/identity is written or vocalized as, “Leonard Charles Hummel.”

GOD {or more accurately written and vocalized as, “G-ah-d”} also has many attribute-additive names such as:

YahOvah-Shalom. Eternal Peace.

YahOvah-Rapha. Eternal Healer.

YahOvah-YIrah. Eternal Provider.

YahOvah-Tzidkenu. Eternal Righteousness., etc.

Links for further research on this:

these “Major Summaries of Truth” will include at least 20 or 30 basic summaries. It is written ONLY for those who LOVE Truth *above traditions or lies or half-truths or untruths.* More will be forthcoming in the next few days and weeks, LORD willing.

Shalom to all and you are exhorted to walk in Truth and Love, – for THIS describes the very essence of G-ah-d Himself, THE LORD GOD YahOvah-Yah ahvah.


THE LIST of all major hinderances to revival and restoration of GOD’s blessing and Presence in the churches. This is a list of the major areas of deception and open doors to further deception in the churches … both in Cebu and other parts of the world . . .

1) The compromises of a false-unity called “organizational ecumenicalism.” This includes official and unofficial linkages with the Roman church and other churches with serious errors in their traditions, and dogmas. – including various forms of idolatry.

Please note that praying with and having *some* (unofficial) fellowship with Roman Catholics and other religions is fine. but to think or assume that they are “all Christians” who do not need the Gospel NOR to be delivered from false religion is A GRAVE ERROR and an open door to further deception. DO NOT link with apostate churches or organizations. – they are under judgment.

2) FLAGRANT idolatry, – both external and internal (of the heart) idols.

too few have the courage to stand against it or expose it to the Light of the Word and Truth.

Santa Nino. Mary-idolatry. prayers to Mary. “veneration” and “adoration of Mary. also: idolatry of:

* the RCC religion & ministry.

* the Pope. “the Magisterium”. certain saints. priests.

* “the Mass” and the veneration/adoration of “the host”.

IDOLS of the heart in the churches:

* ministry promotion & idolatry of ministry.

* self-promotion.

* empire building. denominational-ism.

* idolatry of money, “success” and “prosperity”.

* the IDOL of Rock music. “christian rock” and many idols of “entertainment” and sports. “American Idol”.

* the IDOL of the family and family-name. idolizing children, … and compromising because of their carnality and ‘youthful lusts’.

* “malling” – coveteousness (“which is idolatry”). consumerism.

* idolatry of youth.

* video games. ungodly dvds. movies. lust. violence. TV has literally become a cesspool of immorality. HBO. cable TV. ungodly “entertainments”.

3) lust & worldliness in the churches. 

live-ins. adultery. fornication. gay-couplings.

a serious lack of modesty. the ungodly ‘fashions of the world’ are seen everywhere in most churches. women dressing like only slightly modified street-walkers, exposing their bodies to incite & entice lust.

lack of holiness.

lack of conviction of sin.

lack of repentance. hardness of heart. stubborness.

4) Generally, there is little preaching against sin. little or no mention or warning of hell for the lost and the hypocrites. “NOT EVERYONE who SAITH unto Me, ‘Lord, Lord’…” ~ Luke 7:46; Matthew 7:21.

5) A general rejection of the prophetic voice calling for repentance and a return to “holiness unto the LORD”. [google: Picture of a Prophet, Leonard Ravenhill]


6) A lack of proper balance between Grace/Love/Mercy, and Truth/Obedience. too much emphasis on grace tends to lead to permissiveness and “cheap grace.

too much emphasis on truth and doctrine often leads to a form of legalism and pharisee-ism.

Balance, via the Holy Spirit, is vital and important.

7) Noisy, carnal, worldly “rock praise” and carnal “performance-type” “worship” in the churches. – this grieves away the Holy Spirit. GOD MUST be worshiped IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH. – and praise & worship leaders should be MATURE ELDERS, … not simply “talented youth”. “Spirit” means: by the Holy Spirit within; “in Truth” means the person is actually WALKING in Truth & Love.

* Because of these things listed here: MANY churches have “Ichabod” written at the doorways & over the sanctuary of their churches. – GOD is NOT honored there in REALITY & in holiness & truth.

8) A serious disregard FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD insofar as designated leadership.

women ‘pastors, elders & bishops’ ordained and encouraged. – this is UNbiblical and AGAINST GOD’s designated Government & roles for men & women. There is currently underway an inversion and perversion of GOD’S Divine Order & designated roles for men & women. … and many churches are DEFINITELY a part of that inversion and perversion.

rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

The twin satanic principalities of Jezebel/ahab are absolutely RAMPANT in the present-day culture & churches: worldwide.

The usurping spirit of Jezebel is a MAJOR attempt at undermining GOD’s Order and Kingdom. – it always brings chaos, conflict and deception. [google: “deceptions of Jezebel spirit”] – very few discern this evil and deception in the churches, … even fewer are willing to deal with it and require these usurping spirits to cease undermining the Government of GOD.

9) the rampant evils of gossip, slander, judgmentalism, and backbiting. * 2 Timothy 3:1-5 *

10) jealousies. division-making spirits.

11) the conscious & subconscious desire to manipulate others for the purposes of “tithes” “offerings” and pastor or church income.


* “some were called, … others called themselves.” *

12) RIGHT HERE IS A SERIOUS LACKING AMONG MOST CHRISTIANS: MOST ARE NOT WALKING UNDER THE HEADSHIP OR LORDSHIP OF CHRIST. again: rebellion. stubborness. self-will. an unwillingness to be teachable OR discipled.

*** We must pray against these things. we must repent earnestly that any of this be not found in our own lives or in the churches and in the people of GOD. These are all to be purged and repented of and that there is a RETURN to righteousness & holiness ! ***

*** 2 Chronicles 7:14 ***

* we must ask GOD to expose & convict of these sins and to give us a weeping-spirit & soul over these many sins, compromises, and these REPROACHES to the Name of Jesus Christ & His Church.

13) Many watered-down “new bibles” and paraphrases that have (in many passages) seriously mistranslated the wording AND MEANING of the Word of GOD. There are many find and reasonably accurate Bible-translations, … but “The Message Bible” and “The Living Bible” are NOT good or accurate translations or paraphrased-bibles. The best bible translations are the NKJV, the Amplified, the NLT, and the Revised Standard Version. The old King James Version is good for those who can comprehend this older and more poetic translation of the bible.

14) THE MERCHANDISING of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The merchandising of ministry and the people of GOD.

“copyrighting” and selling for profit the Word of GOD, worship, and ministry of every kind, type & variety. “selling tickets” to worship GOD or teach or minister, … for a price.

15) A serious lack of invoking THE PERSONAL NAME of the Lord Jesus Christ in prayers and in praise & worship. – His NAME is often seriously missing in many prayers and choruses and songs. – in many cases HIS NAME is deliberately substituted with mere “generic names” or titles like, “God” “Lord” “Christ” “in His name.” etc.

HIS NAME, btw: is the Lord Jesus Christ, … or the Lord Yeshua Messiah. – THAT is His actual and personal Name above every name.

16) A general and serious lack of discipleship programs. a lack (generally) of full-Body ministry or participate and inter-action among brethren.

17) A lack of transparency, honesty, openness, and Agape Love relationships among Christians EVEN IN THE SAME CHURCH-fellowships ! … “the love of many shall wax cold…”

lukewarmness. A serious lack of community and fellowship in love & in the Spirit.

 and finally:

18) A brief listing of general sins that MUST be repented of:

* exploitation & oppression of labor.

* mis-treatment of domestic helpers.

* REFUSAL to pay minimum wage.

NOTE: “treat others as you would have them treat you”.

THE LAW: pay them a fair & decent, livable wage.

* lying. cheating. dishonesty.

* unforgiveness. offenses. betrayal. bitterness. bondage.

* a terrible spirit of betrayal and offense is now in many churches.

* lust. live-ins. fornication. adultery. “lust of the eyes”.

* the sin of *prayerlessness*. lack of a devotional life. little or no desire to study & read the Word of GOD.

* worldliness: love of the world & love for the things of the world.

* a serious lack among many Christians of having any desire to be a witness or to share the Gospel with others via testimony, tracts, dvds, or outreaches.

* pride. lack of loving & open relationships. lack of trust. judgmentalism. slander. gossip. critical-spirit. – all these things need to be openly confessed & repented of.

Note: “satan” means: “slander” “accuser” “persecuter”. – no one is despised or accused or persecuted more than the prophetic voice that calls for repentance


Please, PLEASE review this List and  PRAY over it.